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I‘m Roger Steve Ruiz, a software engineer specializing in cloud infrastructure, security, and application development. I‘m currently open to opportunities either full-time or contracting basis. I look forward to hearing from you.

For the past 12 years I‘ve been building user-centered digital services for both the public and private sector. I found my place in web development by coming in through the window, specifically the browser window. Coming from a traditional graphic design background, CSS and systems design were two things that felt as natural as color theory and typography. As I learned more about the history of and fundamentals of programming, I made my transition to full-stack web development with a strong focus on front-end, back-end, infrastructure, and automation.

I try to add elements of the emotional in a world of the artificial. We’re all people who work on computers, or sometimes inside the computers e.g. cloud, and it is easy to forget that people at the end of the day are the ones using them. My career has taken me from the private sector to the public sector. I enjoy both kinds of work, although the latter I find has the most to improve on and biggest impact.

Currently, my career has me in more Staff+ engineering roles. I‘ve been the most interested in release engineering and building the necessary infrastructure and processes to help teams ship and iterate on software of all kinds. I excel in an open-source capacity as open-source software has predicated much of my career in tech. I also sometimes find myself consistently working on a lot of different projects and am considered the glue interconnecting them.

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